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The diary is a regular diary with 2 pages per week but at the end of each week you have 2 pages of financial analysis.  The first page is a KPI page, showing you how to work out your Rebooking, Wage & Stock %’s. This helps you identify and areas that you may have problems in or areas you are excelling in.

The second page then is a cashflow recording page in which you also record whats currently owed to suppliers and revenue and this will help you make more informed financial decisions the following week .

To explain it in a sentence, the diary is a user-friendly tool for analysis to help you see what areas in your salon are working well and what areas are not working so well.
The diary is very user friendly, it’s designed so that anyone that is not usually numbers orientated can pick it up, spend 15 minutes a week filling it in and can really get to grips with their business finances.

The website also has a members portal with pre recorded fill in sessions to help you fully understand and fill in your diary.

It’s for Barber Shop, Hair or Beauty Salon owners.

No, the diary isn’t designed to replace your accountant or bookkeeper. The diary is a simple process designed to give you a brief insight into your business so that you know where you are each week and help you make more informed financial decisions. 
Your gift vouchers are accounted for on both your KPI page and cashflow page in your total sales figures. Your total sales figures are exactly that, they are your total sales regardless of how the customer paid.
YES, but how you use the diary is dependant on how the salon your manage operates. Most managers wont have access to bank accounts so you wont be using the cashflow page to its full extent but you can use it to record all your petty cash pay outs and most importantly you will be using the KPI page, which will help you identify areas in the salon that are working well and areas that maybe are not working so well.  

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